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ILHAN Plastik San. ve Tic. Ltd. was established in 1997 by manufacturing different plastic products. The firm makes production in 3500 sq/m2 closed territory (2500 sq/m2 as open area) and has been operating in Adana Industrial Zone. The company produces **CaCO3 filler masterbatches/compounds** and works hard to propose solutions to customers that manufacture plastic results. In order to have further information about our company.
Biha Grup was established in Mersin and cooperates with the world's reputable producers and suppliers in the plastic raw material sector. It operates on national and international basis with import, export, sales, marketing, logistics and after-sales services. Biha Group takes the responsibility to create value in the plastics industry, to provide quality, continuous, complete and timely response to the needs of its customers and to use all sorts of innovations and technologies with its strong structure.
Our company operates in Konya the industrial capital of Turkey the products that our company manufactured are offered for your appreciation/liking for many years in order to meet the demands of foreign markets. We would like to inform you about our company and we hope to work with your esteemed company. Our company has been exporting the products that manufactured to many countries and we are happy to state that there are returns regarding customer satisfaction. Our main principle is making best quality production to serve honorably by our face all the world markets. This is the fruit of sincere thought, all the continents of the globe usual to encounter products manufactured by our company. If the request based on the information that we will give you below about our products, we would like you to know that we will be pleased if you contact us immediately. Now let’s look at the details that gave you info about our company. Our company is established its facilities in Konya 3rd. Organized Industrial Zone on an area 10.000 m2 produced 5.000 tons per year from “idolwin” branded pvc door and window profiles at its designed with advanced technology plants. Our company took the ultimate customer satisfaction as a target and has producing at European standards. Since 2009 to date our company is conducting its successful activities and during this passed time it proved its quality. Depending on its many years of experience in the sector taking into account manufacturer, the user and the architectural aesthetics meticulous designs are made. In our company it is stil 60 mm. 4 chamber series, 72 mm. 6 chamber series, single and double sliding series are available. Our products are white and laminated produced in (oak, mahogany, walnut, hazelnut, etc.) colors. Also all are self unlaminated colored and 10 years guaranteed pvc profiles are just only available in our company. In order to work hand in hand in cooperation with you we have choosen to manufacture quality and aesthetic pvc profiles as the main target. **Moreover** our brand “ idolwood ” we would like to give some information about. Our company debuted with fast and creative ideas fort he furniture sector in 2016 and in a short time has proven itself in this industry. Our models and design we have determined by taking into account customer demands are combined and provided with our meticulous work to create stylish and aesthetic appearances. Products such as the shoe cabinet ,bread cabinet ,bread box ,bookcase etc. unlimited color and picture are presented to our dear customers. In addition to all of these ,all kinds of furniture designs with your own drawings ,measurements and pictures will be designed and manufactured. Waiting for your valuable reply, hope you good work.
Established in Ankara to manufacture High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) pipe fittings in 2008. YILDIZ POLIETILEN has grown from a local supplying company to a well known international brand. The company manufactures butt fusion fittings, electrofusion fittings, steel flanges and transition fittings at various nominal diameters starting from 20mm up to 1600mm with multiple Nominal Pressure/Standard Dimension Ratios (Commonly SDR11/PN16 and SDR17/PN10) YILDIZ POLIETILEN, a brand that follows technology developments and renews itself continuously, has been leading the market by using the latest technologies and a team of experts in the area and continue to provide a significant amount of products in the construction sector and waterworks. Our brand products are used for huge projects in more than 50 countries in Africa, Eurasia, Europe, and the Middle East. All the company’s products go through a strict quality control system. A laboratory that covers the entire range of necessary tests has been set up to conduct the tests of the raw materials and fittings. The company has been awarded International certificates such as ISO, OHSAS, GOST and WRAS. The vision and strategy of YILDIZ POLIETILEN is to give priority to the demand of the market and our customers. By persistently conducting in-depth analysis of the needs and challenges of the sector, we envisioned to have a structure that can confidently address any question of our customers.
Nassroglu Kimya is a one of Almadina Misurata Holding companies, and was established in 2015 to operate in the chemical sector. Almadina Misurata has been working in the Paint and Plastic industries for more than 25 years, which allowed it to create long-term strong relationships with many chemical manufacturers around the globe. Our aim is to share our experience and knowledge in chemicals with our customers, by offering the most advanced and innovative solutions that we gained throughout our time as a chemical purchasing department for Alamdina Misurata manufacturing companies. Nassroglu kimya, along side seven other companies were established by Almadina Misurata holding company, which is a Libyan national company that owns a number of local and international industrial, commercial and service companies. Almadina Misrata holding company is proud to establish and own the largest and best companies in their area of specialization in Libyan industrial, where these factories was the first of its kind and quality of local production in Libya and that is in accordance with the best and latest international norms and standards in their area of specialization and embodied in our largest local and international certificates of quality and management.
MTM Plastic Recycling is operating in plastic industry for almost 20 years. The company started its operations in 2005 with its new name and produces approximately 1000 tonnes through granule production. It in creased its production. It in creased its production and quality through new machinery and equipment investments alongside with its 9000m2 indoor facility in Gaziantep 5nd Organized Industrial Zone. State of art and European technologies are used in production. The Courses are consistently renewed. Material is received seperately and first class recycled granule raw material is produced. Certain amount of the products is exported and the rest is sold in Turkey. Plastic kitchenware manufacturers, plastic rope, canvas, bag, pipe and pot manufacturers and automotive sub industry are included in the customer portfolio.
Started to work in 1997, DENIZ PLASTIK CO. LTD. has taken its place today in the plastics industry thanks to the steps it has taken since its establishment and the conscious leaps it has made. We are producing various kinds of PE bags ( located at Adana City in Turkey), you can check our factory and products. We are able to produce plastic bags with different colours, dimensions, tightness and qualities. HDPE and LDPE. We can meet your special demands about all kinds of PE plastic bags, garbage bags, t-shirt bags. We have our own recyling facilities that producing the PE granules by ourselves, so the material is smooth and pure, samples are available to see our quality. We are already exporting to several countries and would like to offer our products to worldwide. So that we are looking for new esteemed partners to cooperate.
Medi rubber, as we aim to provide the highest quality service to our valued customers during the manufacture of our products. Our production line quality rubber pulp, has the capacity to meet your needs in the reclaimed rubber production. Our production is made from recycled rubber. We are proud to contribute to the environment by producing with technology friendly to the environment.